Otago Light of Peace

I design the project for the University of Otago and DIRI for the 150th Anniversary. I made all the designs such as the event plan, poster, T-shirt, and Sketchup and also managed the event.

The Otago Light of Peace is an outdoor event involving the lighting of candles for peace. It was arranged in front of the Clock Tower at the University of Otago, and open for everyone to join, regardless of their religion, belief, gender or age. The project expects that whoever participates in the event will realise their own inner peace and pass that on to others in the society so that they can find the real peace within themselves. Inner peace and the candlelight of peace can inspire people to share peace, loving kindness and compassion in their societies. The event of peace can encourage people to think more about peace and to create more activities around the issue of peace in society.