Peace comes with it

Song “Peace comes with it” is a documentary song for The Peace Club at the University of Otago. This song represents a living peace. Concept: Peace is not just the absence of conflict but the prevalence of justice. It’s about hope oppor- tunity, empowerment and dignity. Peace guarantees the world is preserved for generation to come by ending poverty combating climate change and fighting injus- tice and inequality. Peace is the ability to differ in opinion, culture, religion, ethnicity, ideology and live united in the same community.

It’s about how we act toward one another in the face of challenges instability and terror. Peace is about respect for human dignity, respect for human life, respect for neighbours and strangers alike. A threat to peace anywhere is a threat to peace everywhere. We must think of ourselves as global citizens and not just citizens of our community and country. For peace to prevail we must bring hope to the hopeless, oppor- tunity to the underserved, empowerment to the op- pressed, and dignity to the disrespected. The condi- tions that threaten peace are man-made and it will be the actions of global citizens that reverse these conditions. Now is the time to mobilize people from around the world to commit to creating peace. We must create awareness, advocate for peaceful communities, and take action together. Let’s make peace possible!